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Our objectives are to assess, improve and maintain all aspects of security for our clients and staff. We do this by implementing our extensive standard operating procedures and policies as well as combining both our experience in the military, law enforcement and the private security industry. Having operated in high and low risk environments has ensured that flexibility and adjusting our approach to the threat will ensure effective security for our clients. 


Al Qabdha Company for Security Service Ltd.  is a licensed local security-company with in-house expatriate senior management. Our company is licensed and registered by the Ministry of Interior and central government in Baghdad and we are legally able to operate throughout Iraq. With our corporate offices based in Baghdad, Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, we are in an ideal position to offer a complete risk management and protective security service to our clients.

Our company is a completely independent commercial venture and our ultimate objective is to have your project arrive on time and on budget.

We are dedicated to consistently provide and maintain the highest possible risk management, consulting and specialized training services, coupled with offering superior total in-country support and transparent accountability to our clients.

Our collective goal is to develop local security resources to serve companies who operate in the Iraq


We maintain an extensive pool of highly experienced expatriate consultants who have been trained in the armed forces and special police units of the Iraq army and United Kingdom, European and leading Commonwealth countries.

Our expatriate security consultants have extensive operational experience in the private security sector in Iraq, in addition to other internally unstable political theatres, where flexibility to the threat is paramount. This has given us a firm understanding of the dynamics and modus operandi of certain high threat groups and our ability to mitigate security risks accordingly.


We assess the current security situation extensively in order to gain a full understanding of the client’s concerns, business objectives and associated assets and the threat posed. All our operations are intelligence driven.


Areas we focus on:

  • Route Reconnaissance

  • Security Advance Teams

  • Counter-Attack Teams

  • Low-Profile Personal Escort Teams

  • Convoy Protection Teams


 Iraq economic viability depends on the security and development of its natural resources and the infrastructure that supports it. To ensure that it is allowed to develop, identifying vulnerabilities and mitigating risk is paramount in securing the sector.

By implementing effective security measures and being proactive rather than reactive, we are able to achieve this. An example of this is the focus on quality training of a protection force for the specific areas in oil, gas, and water and electricity infrastructure.

Our staffs are able to conduct a complete threat assessment on a client’s assets and facilities and implement changes to improve overall security.


A staged approach is used and this includes:

  • Initial threat assessment

  • Security audit

  • Identification of appropriate plan

  • Training for specific sector

  • Implementation of a plan

  • Drills and evaluations

  • Quality assurance audits


Ensuring security depends on local intelligence and understanding the local dynamics on the ground. This is coupled with the specialized training of staff manning the relevant areas and implementing measures and contingency plans to counter any disruptions.   


We assess the current security risk extensively at work sites, residential and commercial properties, evaluating the staff, manning rosters and where possible the vetting process, implementing standard operating procedures where necessary to ensure a smooth security operation.


Areas we focus on:

  • Physical building - layout and plans

  • Access control - administration / perimeter / boundaries

  • Illumination - surveillance equipment

  • Emergency contingency plans - medical SOP

  • Safe area evacuation - fire precautions

  • Communication - equipment

  • Trained armed guards


While operating in high and low risk areas route planning is a key factor to ensure the client and/or cargo is successfully delivered to the intended destination.

Together with vital sources at the highest level, our information specialist gathers intelligence and according to the potential threat in the areas of operation, the best possible routes are selected. Contingency plans are co-produced and areas such as alternative routes, safe havens and medical on the ground support are considered.


Options include:

  • Evasive routing (avoiding known danger areas)

  • Safe routing (using known safe routes)

  • Alternative routing (mitigating routine)

  • Dispersion (reducing destruction of the convoy)


Detailed mapping and GPS equipment are used together with local intelligence and previous data is analysed to identify safe havens, alternative routes, friendly elements in the area of operations and route recognisance is carried out where possible.

The use of photography, video and satellite imagery is collated in preparation of the route package and prepared by specialist personnel. All personnel are versed with the latest navigational equipment.


This profile is designed to provide a brief overview of our approach to security, focusing on general security in a low-threat environment through to high-risk areas. Our staff pool has completed hundreds of high-risk protection details with no loss of life or serious damage to client assets.

Our solutions can be as simple as conducting awareness training for your drivers and security staff or as complex as training and managing your existing guard force or providing a turnkey security solution for your entire operation.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss in detail our capabilities and approach to security.


Understanding the very complex make up of Iraq and its people is not an easy task but by breaking down individual groups in their respective environments and looking at its historic interactions, this gives us a basic understanding of the current situation.

We have access to various intelligence reports that are produced in country and extract what is necessary and which may impact our operations.

Our reliable internal network from local sources, law enforcement, military and government institutions rather than the sometimes detached multi-
national forces network, gives us a direct access path of information that can be analysed and subsequently turned into timely intelligence. 


Our team has extensive experience in the area of seismic operations in the Iraq. Our methods and procedures ensure your line crews are able to work safely and without undue restriction in order for your project to come in on time and on budget.


We have the capability and resources to protect all facets of seismic operations as follows:

  • Scouting and Tracking

  • GPS Control

  • Access Cutting

  • Survey

  • Drilling

  • Vibroseis operations

  • Shooting and Recording


We also have the experience to safely escort seismic explosives and the local resources to facilitate the smooth transition of the cargo into the country and on to site.

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